Winter Clothing

Dear parents/guardians of Indus students,

With the season’s first measurable snowfall occurring last week, it is that time where we must 

consider the safety of our children in inclement weather.  At Indus, this means ensuring that all 
children are safe, whether they’re riding the bus to and from school or playing outside on the 
From a transportation perspective, our biggest concern in winter is the inordinate amounts of 
time students spend on the bus and the potential for busses to encounter mechanical issues due 
to the extreme weather conditions we regularly are subjected to.  A very real scenario is that a 
bus breaks down and students are forced to wait on a cold bus until another bus comes to the 
rescue. As a result, from November 30, until spring, all Pre-K-12 students will not be allowed to 
ride the bus unless they are wearing some sort of long pants, as well as some sort of winter 
jacket.  For students in grades 7-12, regardless of whether students choose to wear their winter 
coats, they must have them in their possession.  For clarification purposes, a sweatshirt is 
not defined as a winter coat.
Indus School allows students to be outdoors for recess until the air or wind chill temperature 
drops below -10 degrees Fahrenheit. When there is snow on the ground, elementary students in 
grades PreK-6 need to wear jackets, snow pants, boots, gloves/mittens, and a hat in order to 
play outside with their peers. If a student forgets to bring the appropriate clothing more than 3 
times in a row, the playground supervisor will notify the student’s classroom teacher, who will 
contact the parents about the issue.
If families are struggling to secure the proper cold weather gear, please contact the office, as we 
may be able to offer ideas and help in order to make this a warm, safe winter for all students.
Please contact the classroom teacher or the office if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Indus School

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